About 5 Rhythms

5 Rhythms is a physical practice rooted in movement, developed by Gabrielle Roth, musician, philosopher and “urban shaman” from New York. Here we learn how to bring our attention back to our body, a place where we live our whole life, and the only part of us that is always and only here and now. We explore how it can and needs to move in this moment.

“Why do we dance? We dance because it’s the fastest, most direct route to the truth — not some big truth that belongs to everybody, but the get down and personal kind, the what’s-happening-in-me- right-now kind of truth…

Gabrielle Roth

Soul inhabits the body, and body reflects the soul. When we investigate our dance we find the places where we got stuck, where the movement no longer flows freely, and we look for the way to set ourselves back in motion. As our body finds more freedom, creativity and expression – creativity, expressiveness and freedom find a way back into our lives.

5 Rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Danced in a sequence they make a Wave. Each rhythm, inviting different quality of movement, opens a different door to our inner world. Flowing helps us remember how to hear our body wisdom, and follow our individual path. In staccato we look for the clarity necessary for healthy connection with others. Chaos teaches us how to let go of control and find intrinsic freedom. In lyrical we find our unique style, our contribution to the world. Finally in stillness reconnecting with our breath we dissolve into a bigger field of consciousness.

Even though this is a structured practice, there are neither steps nor choreography to study. Each person discovers their own dance. There is nothing you need to know so you could dance through the wave of 5 rhythms. Only prerequisite is that you have a breathing body and a willingness to move.

…So get down and find out what your hands, your shoulders, your elbows, knees and, most importantly, your hips and feet have to say about it. There is a dance only you can do, that exists only in you, here and now, always changing, always true. Are you willing to listen with fascination? If you are, it will deliver you unto the self you have always dreamed you could be.”

Gabrielle Roth


Ciklus radionica utorkom

20:00-22:00h @ Krešićeva 5

Cikluse zajednički vode Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, a ono što nude sinergija je praksi koje podučavaju - 5Ritmova i Medicine Kretanja

New in Zagreb

Bridges of light

weekly series

Tuesdays 16.9 - 21.10.2014
20:00-22:00, @ Krešićeva 5

next series begins 24.2.2015 - focusing on relationships

Classes are taught by Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, and their offering is a synergy of the two consciuos dance modalities they teach - 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine.



Lucija: 091/5325587




Lucija: 091/5325587

Saša: 098/748459