Lucija Ana Glagolić Hora started dancing at very early age, and took first steps on the path of spiritual growth as a young teenager. 5 rhythms found a way into her life in 1999 and joined those two paths. In year 2008 she completed the Teacher training Program with Gabrielle Roth (, and has since been teaching locally and internationally. At the same time she continually studies with worldwide known teachers.
On the other hand she graduated in Engineering and works as a consultant and trainer in IT industry. So her style of teaching is a juicy mixture of clarity, passion for movement and commitment to spiritual growth.

I love this practice. I started taking dance lessons before I could walk or talk properly, and for me dance was always a way of expressing myself and some sort of refugee. But it wasn’t before I had my first 5 rhythms workshop that I really felt how movement was a gateway to great personal wisdom, such a clear mirror of how I live my life and a natural learning and healing path.” Lucija

Feedback from dancers:

Lucija teaches by putting her love for motion into movement, seducing into the dance, engouraging to move, calling to shift, alarm for change. How she sees and feels what is happening on the dancefloor is astonishing, frightening and inspires deep confidence, and her careful listening is welcoming each individaul to this world. Her presence is gentle and unobtrusive, but inevitable, often funny and definitely in the moment. The music she plays is provocative, meaning it calls for a reaction in any direction, and that is somehow a point in this pracite – to move.” Lana, a dancer

“What touched me in Lucija as a 5Rhythms teacher are her presence/groundedness, and comitment/trust. Present for herself, for each dancer and a whole group, grounded in her own experience/dance of what she is teaching, grounded in practicality of exercises she offers, grounded in transfering Rhyhtms into everyday life. Comitted to the dance as a way of going through life, a way of thinking and seeing oneself and others, ful of trust and courage to let go fo carefully prepared plans and programmes for given class/workshop, because she feels that dance and movemet that come from the group can and will take everyone through what they need to go. Ful of trust that the Dance is always on the right path, however winding it might be, she surrenders to the flow to follow/guide.” Zdenka, 5 Rhythms teacher