What is “5 Rhythms”?

A dance without choreography, healing without a therapist, spiritual path without a guru. 5 Rhythms is a powerful tool that awakens the inner wisdom and healing potential by giving attention to the body, and moving it.

Why do we dance?

Movement is our natural state. A part of us moves even when we’re asleep; heart is beating, lungs are expanding and contracting, blood is running. And it’s all happening unconsciously. On a conscious level we have learned to control movements of our body and emotions, and we spend time in complicated thought labyrinths. that leads to a state that Gabrielle Roth calls trisophrenia – we think one thing, feel another and something third. 5Rhythms practice teaches us to find our natural fluidity and realign our body, heart and mind. When we reach that union even for a brief moment, our psyche heals itself.


Ciklus radionica utorkom

20:00-22:00h @ Krešićeva 5

Cikluse zajednički vode Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, a ono što nude sinergija je praksi koje podučavaju - 5Ritmova i Medicine Kretanja

New in Zagreb

Bridges of light

weekly series

Tuesdays 16.9 - 21.10.2014
20:00-22:00, @ Krešićeva 5

next series begins 24.2.2015 - focusing on relationships

Classes are taught by Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, and their offering is a synergy of the two consciuos dance modalities they teach - 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine.



Lucija: 091/5325587




Lucija: 091/5325587

Saša: 098/748459