Welcome home – ongoing group

Do you ever feel like you’re not living this life at home, like you’re parallelly parked in a diagonal universe? What is that home space we all yearn for? And can it really be found anywhere outside of ourselves?

The closed ongoing group “Welcome Home” is a journey towards that inner home, using a 5RhythmsTM map. It consists of 5 connected modules, each focusing on how much are we “at home” in different areas of our life.

module 1 (26/27.1) – welcome into the body
module 2 (2/3.3) – at home in a relationship
module 3 (13/14.4) – my tribe
module 4 (25/26.5) – offering to the world
module 5 (29/30.6) – welcoming the spirit

There are no prerequisites to apply for this workshop, but you do need to commit to attend all 5 modules. Such commitment builds mutual trust and creates a safe space we need to open to our truth, shake up stalled patterns and transform them into creative action on a deeper level.

Workshop will be led by Lucija Glagolić Hora, assisted by Marin Kovačević Hora and Sandra Karabaić (2nd module)

for all further information contact:
Lucija +385 (0) 91 5235587

online booking form (with prices)


Ciklus radionica utorkom

20:00-22:00h @ Krešićeva 5

Cikluse zajednički vode Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, a ono što nude sinergija je praksi koje podučavaju - 5Ritmova i Medicine Kretanja

New in Zagreb

Bridges of light

weekly series

Tuesdays 16.9 - 21.10.2014
20:00-22:00, @ Krešićeva 5

next series begins 24.2.2015 - focusing on relationships

Classes are taught by Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, and their offering is a synergy of the two consciuos dance modalities they teach - 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine.



Lucija: 091/5325587




Lucija: 091/5325587

Saša: 098/748459