Awakening the dancer

The culture we live in has given us beliefe that only people with special talents and abilities who have been properly trained can be dancers. But there is a Dancer inside each and every one of us. He cares neither about the music that’s playing, nor the steps or where the dance floor is. He dances to the beat of our heart and the sound of our breath, his beautiful unique dance. The only thing we have to do is allow him to move our body.

5 Rhythms is a method which gives us an opportunity to see the patterns of our life and explore new ways of moving. There is no given choreography, right or wrong way. Body wisdom is our guide. Using simple and powerful tools we learn how to become fluid, clear, free, creative and present for our own dance.

5 Rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness. Each of them offers different qualities of movement that awaken our inner Dancer.

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