When we say connecting usually we’re automatically including someone else besides us, someone to connect to. We forget, too often, that left side of our brain is not connected to the right or head to our feet. That we are emotionally, physically and mentally in three different states…
Before we reach out, we first have to connect from within.

At his workshop too we’ll dance the whole Wave walking through the gates of each of 5 rhythms, but this time we’ll pay attention to the staccato’s gifts.

One of many things that staccato teaches us is how to integrate polarity of being. Beginning and ending, left and right, open and closed, inside and outside, me and you…Only when we find our inner integrity we can start exploring what does it mean to connect with something outside, with other individual, group or world. Through exploring the staccato dance we can find ways how to connect without mixing, how to keep our space and yet allow the magic of togetherness to be created.


Ciklus radionica utorkom

20:00-22:00h @ Krešićeva 5

Cikluse zajednički vode Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, a ono što nude sinergija je praksi koje podučavaju - 5Ritmova i Medicine Kretanja

New in Zagreb

Bridges of light

weekly series

Tuesdays 16.9 - 21.10.2014
20:00-22:00, @ Krešićeva 5

next series begins 24.2.2015 - focusing on relationships

Classes are taught by Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, and their offering is a synergy of the two consciuos dance modalities they teach - 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine.



Lucija: 091/5325587


Lucija: 091/5325587

Saša: 098/748459