Discipline of Freedom

Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?
Gabrielle Roth

Discipline of freedom might sound paradoxical, but what it represents is commitment to making a choice to stay open and curious.

So often we live by our habits or someone elses instructions. We are traped in our own expectations, presumtions, learned patterns of doing and being… To be free we need to let go of all of them and open our minds for the truth of this moment.
Freedom doesn’t mean throwing away all the rules and liveing in anarachy. Freedom is a state of consciousness, where we choose our next step, not  just automatically repeating what we learend or are used to. And discipline means only that we keep coming back to that choice, keep opening every time we catch ourselves going back to habits, familiar routes, and predictable reactions.

5 Rhythms is a movement method. We use our dance to see the patterns of our life and explore new ways of moving. There is no given choreography, right or wrong way. Body wisdom is our guide. Using simple and powerful tools we learn how to become fluid, clear, free, creative and present for our own dance.

On this workshop we will explore different ways of giving more freedom to our bodies, to our movement. We will practice coming back to our own dance, always opening the possibility for the unpredictable dance of this very moment.

„Freedom – courage to be yourself“

Bologna, Italy: March, 27-29.2015
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tel. 393.0629578
e-mail: love@carmelagabriele.it