Shadow and Light

Do you ever feel stuck or inert, lost in space and time, numb or confused? Usually those are the times when we lose the connection to our flow, clarity and creativity. These places in the 5 rhythms practice are called shadows. And all of them have a dance.

Inertia stops us from following our natural flow. Rigidity gets in the way of clear action. Confusion shows up when we kind of let go, but still try to get it. When we fake our life we space out. And numbness is where we go when we can’t be still and awake. Shadow is always here, it’s just that sometimes it holds the reigns, and sometimes it surrenders to the dance of light.

On this workshop we will be looking at the dance of the shadow through all the 5 rhythms, searching for the tools to help us step into the light.


Ciklus radionica utorkom

20:00-22:00h @ Krešićeva 5

Cikluse zajednički vode Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, a ono što nude sinergija je praksi koje podučavaju - 5Ritmova i Medicine Kretanja

New in Zagreb

Bridges of light

weekly series

Tuesdays 16.9 - 21.10.2014
20:00-22:00, @ Krešićeva 5

next series begins 24.2.2015 - focusing on relationships

Classes are taught by Marin Kovačević Hora i Lucija Glagolić Hora, and their offering is a synergy of the two consciuos dance modalities they teach - 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine.



Lucija: 091/5325587


Lucija: 091/5325587

Saša: 098/748459